Anger Management

Dr. Quinney expertise in training from the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management program. His training, education, and experiences are acceptable with the Los Angeles County Courts to require Anger Management certification. Dr. Quinney target population is Single Mother raising adolescent boys who are African American and Latino. Dr. Quinney clinical observation has asses many of the adolescent boys and men of color have serious anger management issues due to the absence of the father in the home and limited support from educations systems.

Dr. Quinney experiences working the Los Angeles County Probation Department and Los Angeles County Prison in Delano as a Psychologist has reinforced his skills in providing Anger Management to Adults and Adolescents who are the wards of the county and state.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is often a challenging process since it involves two people with similarities and differences based upon many criteria such as Genetics, Environment, Socialization process Families values and beliefs.  

Couples Therapy is about change and the motivating factor is the LOVE you have for one another to consider the change. In Couples therapy, we will look at all the specific criteria that meet your need for communication and to change dysfunctional behaviors. A minimum of 6 sessions is required to produce a positive outcome.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy will address the stages in your life and the crisis that occurred in each stage and to identify your triggers of emotion such as depression, anger, anxieties, frustration, and rage. Individual Therapy will look at current and past skills of coping with emotions and evaluate if such coping skills are beneficial. A minimum of 6 sessions is required to produce a positive outcome.

Gay & Lesbian Counseling

Working with the Gay & Lesbian population for over 35 years. My primary target populations are Blacks and Latinos. It has been my personal and clinical experiences that Gays and Lesbians have so many issues due to their race, culture, and sexuality. Culturally the challenges and barriers are even reinforced by the Religious Community which has created tremendous dysfunction for Gays and Lesbians. The intervention is to help you by teaching strategies for explaining your sexuality to your loved one, reaching out to a member of the community who is supportive. We will help you learned more about your personal identity and what works to make you happy.

Senior Citizen Counseling

At 70 years old I understand the issues of a baby boomer especially so many changes and inventions in our lifetime. In some case, many of the Baby boomers didn’t plan well for retirement and must return to the workforce. Returning to the workforce can be rewarding for some and others a challenge. Often Seniors deal with the family dynamics of the Adult children return home to live temporary or often permanent.  

The biggest concerns are generally good medical and mental care and the ability to stay in your home as long as you can.

In therapy, you can speak to a Therapist who is knowledgeable, experiences and a Senior Citizen.

Mood Disorders

Do you or someone you know suffers from mild to severe mood disorders? Do you need counseling assistance with understanding, coping with, and overcoming the effects of your disorders? Then call us today to schedule mood disorders assistance. We use a variety of methods that have been shown to help persons in need to overcome the effects of their mood disorders. That means that you could be better able to connect with your peers, succeed in your work, and live a more positive and fulfilling life. To learn more about how we can help or schedule mood disorder assistance, please call us today.