As a licensed Clinical Social Worker I have over 30 years in the field of Mental Health with the Los Angeles County. I have worked in the Juvenile hall systems as a Detention Offices primarily with adolescent boys age 10 through 18 issues of gang, drugs and foster care. Later employed with King Drew Medical Center as a Clinical Social Worker in the 80's experiences with Cancer, AIDs, and emergency medication. Also worked at Augustus Hawkins providing Mental Health services for Crisis intervention. After retiring from Los Angeles I completed my PsyD and worked in the State Prison as a Unlicensed Psychologist for 3 years.

My primary specialty is working with adolescents and couples therapy. I also specialize in the area of single mothers raising adolescent boys. I am a cognitive therapist but also trained in Behavioral and Operational therapy focusing on positive behavioral change. I also provide Court Order Anger Management for adolescents and adults.

My office hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00 to 5:00 and every other Saturday. 8:00 to 12:00 Web page

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Dr. Quinney is a graduate of California States University at Long Beach with a Master’s Degree in Social Work since 1989 and Doctor Degree in Clinical Psychology at Ryokan College in 2008. Dr. Quinney has over 35 years of experience working in Mental Health and Substance Use. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Quinney was employed with the Los Angeles County Probation Department as a Detention Services Officer at Central Juvenile Hall. He worked directly with youth boys age 10 to 14 that were heavy into drugs, gangs, and had suicidal behavior.

Dr. Quinney is currently a Psychotherapist. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in West Los Angeles, California. He received his clinical training in the Los Angeles County Health Department at King Drew Medical Center working in the emergency department, developing skills in crisis and suicidal intervention with substance users and persons living with HIV Infections. Dr. Quinney clinical expertise continues to develop working in the diabetic clinic and hypertension unit at King Drew Medical Center in the ’80s through the early ’90s.

Dr. Quinney believes in social change in the community, consequently, he received additional training at Minority AIDS Project as an HIV Educator. He provided HIV education and clinical therapy for persons living with HIV in the late 80’s and ’90s. Dr. Quinney also received Pastoral Training under the supervision of Arch Bishop Carl Bean the founder of Unity Fellowships church and the CEO of Minority AIDS project. Dr. Quinney found Spiritual Truth in 1997 and retire from the Unity Fellowship movement in 2004.

Dr. Quinney is the recipient of the Directors Humanitarian Award (1991, 1992, 1993) for commitment and dedication providing community services for the person living with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Quinney also received the Roger V Pamplin Junior Award from the Africa America Gay and Lesbian Culture Alliance for his outstanding participation in providing clinical services for persons living with HIV/AIDS (1991).

Dr. Quinney transfer to Los Angeles County Mental Health and was promoted to Supervising Psychiatric Social Worker providing clinical services in juvenile hall. He provided training, clinical supervision, suicidal prevention, anger management and depression to and he had a staff of 12 employees to supervise.

After retiring from the Los Angeles County Mental Health 20 years of services. Dr. Quinney develops his clinical practice in 2005. His target population is single mothers raising Afro American and Latino youth who are at risk for drugs, alcohol, gangs, and suicide. He also received his pre-post doc hours working in the prison for 3 years as an unlicensed Psychologist he worked directly in the Special Needs Unit of a level 4 prison which consists of drop-outs from the main line who were addicts, rapist, murders and gang members. He provided anger management skills building and Depression Barrier as well as suicidal education and prevention to high- risk population which gave him additional experience and develop a true understanding of the consequences of addiction.

Lastly, Dr. Quinney is quite active in fitness and bodybuilding and have won numerous awards.